Agave and Fructose

Is agave nectar healthy or not? And how about fructose? (as in fruit or high fructose corn syrup)

Some years ago I was recommending agave nectar as a sweetener, and using it in small amounts myself.  But now the truth is out.

Unfortunately, agave nectar is highly processed and higher in fructose that high fructose corn syrup, and poses some health hazards.  You can read about it on or .

We all know fructose as the primary sugar in fruits, which provide valuable nutrients,  so it must be OK to consume.  Right?  Well, not exactly. 

It's fine in small amounts (under 25 grams/day), but consuming fructose in even moderate amounts can be hazardous to your health.  The scary part is that vitually all commercial foods contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

One of the major concerns is that, calorie for calorie, fructose stores 40 times as much fat as glucose!  Another concern is that it may increase insulin resistance, and therefore increase the risk of diabetes. 


This video (better described as a documentary), about fructose is well worth watching:

Robert Lustig video on