Why Consider Managing Diabetes Naturally

 1.  What does natural mean?  What does holistic mean?

  • Holistic means understanding the connectedness of all factors that influence your health—diet, lifestyle, mental and emotional factors.

  • Addressing the root causes of health issues.  With diabetes, for example,it is not a matter of just lowering blood sugar; diabetes is the result of various body systems not functioning optimally.  Another example is weight gain; factors often include lack of health gut bacteria, lifestyle, toxic exposure, and stresEach person has unique root causes.

  • Emphasizing food quality.  Promotes the consumption of whole, seasonal, unrefined and nutrient-dense local foods.

  • Holistic also means seeing a doctor or taking prescriptions when it’s necessary.  Some diabetics may be able to discontinue medication and still see good lab test results; others may be able to reduce medication.

2.  Herbs and foods that lower blood sugar have an adaptogenic effect. 

That is, they work to balance the system.  They therefore lower blood sugar, but only to a safe point and not too low.  A good example is bitter melon, a food consumed in Asia by the whole family, not just a diabetic individual.

If a person with normal blood sugar eats bitter melon, it will have little or no effect.  However, if I eat bitter melon, it may lower my blood sugar 20 points or more.  In six years of taking anti-diabetic herbs and supplements (but not prescription medication), my blood sugar never tested lower than 83, a perfectly normal level.* 

3.  None or few side effects. 

Many people experience negative side effects with prescription medications. However, I have not read or heard of anyone who experienced negative side effects from anti-diabetic herbs.  Personally I have never had a single negative side effect from any of the many anti-diabetic herbs I have tried. 

4.  Herbs or supplements can lower blood sugar spikes.

Would you prefer to prevent your blood sugar from spiking too high, or would you rather give it time to spike and then try to bring it down?  Because herbs and supplements can be safe when taken 20 minutes or so before a meal, they can prevent blood sugar from spiking too high in the first place.  Whereas, many medications are taken with or after a meal, when blood sugar is already on the rise.


*Shortly after I was diagnosed, and before I began pursuing a natural solution, I did use prescription medications.  I did have an episode of very low blood sugar, after taking only the medication as prescribed.  I should note here to consult your physician about any drug interactions before you take blood sugar-lowering herbs or other substances.  Herbs can intensify the effects of anti-diabetes drugs,  Therefore if you are taking medication, add herbs only under the supervision of a health care professional.