The Chocolate Question

Sometimes I see that cringe of guilt when a friend or client asks about chocolate.  As it happens, solving the Chocolate Conundrum was one of my first priorities after I was diagnosed with diabetes.   The challenge is to consume the chocolate without consuming large amounts of sugar with it.  Be sure to check the label for the size of a serving and the amount of sugar in that quantity.  The chocolate bars boasting a high percentage of cocoa (like 80%) tend to contain less sugar.  And of course you can make your own confections using unsweetened cocoa.  One of my favorite recipes is to mix cocoa with butter or coconut oil, shredded unsweetened coconut, and yacon syrup.  Low glycemic and delicious.

So take heart!  There are plenty of healthful ways to indulge, if you are so inclined.  First is to have on on hand some organic cacao, and a healthy natural sweetener, and then....I'll leave this up to you..  What are your questions?  Would you like to share a healthy recipe?