Individual Nutritional Counseling/Consultations

For a limited time I am offering flat-rate individual programs.  A $125-$195 flat-rate includes one month of private consultations and email questions.  For more detailed information, please send an email through the Contact page or call 419-280-4624.

  • Programs tailored to your specific tastes, needs and health challenges
  • No "set" diets.  Every body is different and so your program is unique to you
  • Attention to possible nutritional deficiencies that may be causing health issues
  • Holistic--attention is given to physical, emotional, and/or spiritual factors that affect your health
  • Emphasizes whole, nutrient-dense, pesticide and drug-free foods
  • Realistic approach--healthy eating is a goal we are all working toward.  Everyone needs to cheat occasionally.  This is a judgment-free zone.

Do you own or operate a restaurant, private health practice other business where nutrition is an important component?  We offer consultation on menus, food choices, and supplements, for general health, or for special dietary requirements, such as metabolic balance, children's health, anti-aging, etc.


If you are part of an organization or group with specific needs or interests, I am open to speaking engagements.  Let's talk!


  • Weight Management 3-part program, small groups
  • All About Sweeteners seminar
  • Nutritional Support For Diabetes-2 sessions
  • Q & A--submit your food and supplement questions, then attend a 1.5-hour seminar to hear the answers.

Research and Report Writing

If you need information on a specific nutritional topic, I can provide research and/or writing services.